5 Tips for a Healthy Spine

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A healthy spine is essential if you want to enjoy a healthy life. Often, the health of the spine is over looked when considering how to live a healthier life. It is well know that people who suffer back pain may have a reduced quality of life or encounter other subsequent health challenges.

Your spine consists of 24 moving vertebrae, nerves, muscles and ligaments and acts as a conduit to protect the spinal cord. The spinal cord connects the brain to the body and allows for communication and messages to be exchanged. If your spinal cord becomes injured the nerve messages between your brain and body may be impacted.

To learn more about your health and the health of your spinal cord, we are sharing with you these 5 amazing tips – read on!


Tip 1: Sleep in a Restful Position

When you sleep, your body repairs and rejuvenates itself. It is important that you sleep in a posture neutral position (such as on your back, or on your side with your ears, shoulders and hips in alignment). Sleeping in a curled up position or on your stomach does not allow your body to rest and repair itself adequately and may be a warning sign that you have an underlying structural issue.

Be sure to select the right pillow and mattress combination that works to support your body while resting. A chiropractic pillow that supports the head and neck while at rest and a firm mattress make for a better sleeping experience.


Tip 2: Enjoy Regular Massage

Massage and chiropractic adjustments work hand in hand and are very complimentary forms of therapy. Massages work to relax muscles and relieve stress. Massage and chiropractic together work to treat: joint restriction, pain, inflexibility, headaches and tight muscles.

Therapeutic massage involves light to firm touch to release muscle tightness, tension, increase blood and lymph circulation and to confer a sense of calm. Remedial massage differs in that it is used as a system of assessment and treatment of muscles, ligaments and connective tissues of the body to assist in rehabilitation, pain and injury management.


Tip 3: Exercise Your Back and Abs

The secret to a strong and healthy back lies in having a strong and healthy core. Focus on building stronger muscles around your core (abs) and lower back area to help keep your spine healthy and strong. When these muscles are weak (from injury or lack of exercise), additional stress is placed on your spine, resulting in additional pressure, pain and degeneration.


Tip 4: Use Correct Lifting Technique

When lifting objects, be sure to use correct lifting technique, including the following:

  • Avoid twisting – the twisting movement is one of the most dangerous for your spine, especially when lifting.
  • Use your legs, not your back when picking up heavy objects. Bend with your knees, not your back.
  • Keep the object close to your body when lifting or carrying it, reducing pressure and potential for injury.
  • If in doubt or if the object is too heavy, always seek help.
  • When reaching for an object above shoulder level, use a step stool.


Tip 5: Stretch Every Day

Stretching is important for many reasons. It helps keep you moving and prevents muscles from tightening which in turn can pull your bones out of alignment e.g. tight pelvic/hip muscles and tight leg muscles can pull on your pelvis, causing a misalignment, which can cause lower back pain.

Stretching increases blood circulation and keeps your joints moving through their complete range of motion. This helps to prevent injury and enables muscles to work more efficiently.

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Dr. Rosemarie Jabbour (Chiropractor) is the owner and chiropractor at New World Chiro, Parramatta. Rosemarie is an experienced and highly professional healthcare practitioner with over 25+ years experience in caring for the local community. Rosemarie was also one of the chiropractors for the Sydney 2000 Olympic games. With a keen interest in spinal health, neuroscience and sports fitness, Rosemarie is a natural health champion and advocate.

In addition to running New World Chiro, Rosemarie runs corporate health and wellness training programs, chiropractic assistant training, and networks within a variety of local business networks.


- B.Sc.(Biol.Sc.)
- B.App Sc (Clin.Sc)
- B.C.Sc.
- The International Chiropractic Sports Science Diploma 1997
- Graduate Certificate in Sports Chiropractic in 1998

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