2016 Health Trends

Health and Wellness Trends This Year

Over the summer break, we did some research on the healthiest trends predicted for the coming year. We found these top 6 health trends and just had to share them with you. We’re committed to living a life that is as healthy and happy as possible. At New World Chiro, we’re looking forward to a healthy year and hope you are too.

Please read on for some health inspiration, and share this page with your friends and family.


In 2015 the fitbit really moved the wearable technology movement forward. It inspired a new wave of real time, measurable fitness activities that help users track individual fitness goals.

Running with this idea (pun intended), will see a new range of wearable tech designed to get you moving while tracking real time progress. Here are some of the new offerings coming your way:

  • IQ smart shoes: shoe sensors that track time and endurance while monitoring foot strike zone and uneven weight distribution.
  • Basketball wearable tech: allowing players to measure jump height.
  • Smart Bra: why not incorporate fitness tech into a sports bra? Track distance, pace, calories and heart rate.


In the new digital age, even your traditional shop front services such as beauty therapists and day spas now offer online bookings that come to you. You’ll soon be able to ‘order in’ all you fav pamper sessions like hair, nails, massage and tanning. This new on-demand trend will be sure to please.


Soon, your beauty regime will re-orientate towards mineral enriched experiences. We know we should take a daily multi-vitamin and mineral supplement, however did you know that according to most functional medicine doctors, 80% of us are mineral deficient? Essential trace minerals like calcium, magnesium and selenium are essential for optimal health and well being.


This new super food is a Japanese green tea powder that you drink whisked into hot milk or water. If your local cafe isn’t offering matcha beverages, they soon will. Loaded with up to ten times the antioxidants of regular tea, matcha sure packs a health punch.


If you thought kale was popular last year, this year should see seaweed become just as popular. This nutrient rich aquatic plant is super easy to grow, cultivated in the ocean and can be used a healthier substitute in cooking and processed food manufacturing. In fact, several Michelin-starred chefs from across the world are now cooking with seaweed.


Around the world, there is a health and wellness revolution taking place. Communities are more informed than ever, thanks to the internet. People are seeking out healthier ways of taking care of themselves and their families.

More and more people are seeking natural and drugless solutions to their health concerns. It’s well known that prescription medication is over prescribed and opioid pain killers are being used and abused. I welcome this trend to more natural alternatives to pain management which includes chiropractic, massage, physiotherapy, yoga, meditation and acupuncture to just name a few.


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Dr. Rosemarie Jabbour (Chiropractor) is the owner and chiropractor at New World Chiro, Parramatta. Rosemarie is an experienced and highly professional healthcare practitioner with over 25+ years experience in caring for the local community. Rosemarie was also one of the chiropractors for the Sydney 2000 Olympic games. With a keen interest in spinal health, neuroscience and sports fitness, Rosemarie is a natural health champion and advocate.

In addition to running New World Chiro, Rosemarie runs corporate health and wellness training programs, chiropractic assistant training, and networks within a variety of local business networks.


- B.Sc.(Biol.Sc.)
- B.App Sc (Clin.Sc)
- B.C.Sc.
- The International Chiropractic Sports Science Diploma 1997
- Graduate Certificate in Sports Chiropractic in 1998

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