Flat Feet and Foot Pain

What are Flat Feet?

Being ‘flat footed’ refers to the loss of your natural arch support on the base of your foot. If you have flat feet, you’re not alone.

The loss or arch support means your feet are less shock-absorbent, which can cause hip, knee and back problems.With flat feet, you may experience aches and pain in the feet, knees, hips and back as well as your feet tiring easily. Other issues associated with flat feet include shin splints, plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinitis.


Fast Facts: Flat Feet

A great deal of research has been done on flat feet causes, problems and treatment. Some fast facts include:

  • Women with flat feet are 50% more likely to suffer back pain than those without flat feet (Mahan K 1992)
  • Pregnant women may develop flat feet (Segal et al. 2013)
  • Hypertension, diabetes and obesity are risk factors for adult acquired flat feet (Menz et al 2013)
  • Babies are born with flat feet and by the age of 4-6 their arches should naturally have developed
  • Flat feet can cause lower back pain and misalignments in your body


I think I have Flat Feet – what can I do?

A combination of manual therapy and orthotic devices may benefit your flat feet. Chiropractic adjustments work to realign your hips, lower back and to free up stiff joints. Rehabilitation exercises and custom orthotics may be recommended.

Orthotics work to provide comfort and support while controlling excessive ‘rolling’ of the foot. By improving the ‘foundation’ of your body, the rest of your ‘structure’ should benefit.


Can chiropractic treatment help my flat feet?

This is a commonly asked question. As a Chiropractor, I understand just how interconnected the body is. I tell patients about the cause and effect relationship. An issue in one part of the body may manifest as a problem in another.

For example, flat feet can result in knee, hip and lower back pain. You may not even be aware that the condition of your foot contributes to an issue in another part of your body. Conversely, a misalignment in your spine and associated nerve interference may be reducing the nerve capacity that extends down into your foot, creating another set of health problems.

It’s advisable to speak with your health care practitioner about your particular case. We can schedule a consultation so that you can decide if chiropractic is right for you.



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Dr. Rosemarie Jabbour (Chiropractor) is the owner and chiropractor at New World Chiro, Parramatta. Rosemarie is an experienced and highly professional healthcare practitioner with over 25+ years experience in caring for the local community. Rosemarie was also one of the chiropractors for the Sydney 2000 Olympic games. With a keen interest in spinal health, neuroscience and sports fitness, Rosemarie is a natural health champion and advocate.

In addition to running New World Chiro, Rosemarie runs corporate health and wellness training programs, chiropractic assistant training, and networks within a variety of local business networks.


- B.Sc.(Biol.Sc.)
- B.App Sc (Clin.Sc)
- B.C.Sc.
- The International Chiropractic Sports Science Diploma 1997
- Graduate Certificate in Sports Chiropractic in 1998

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