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While in the Maldives a couple of years ago on my Christmas break, I realised how lucky we actually are in this great country of ours, Australia. While sailing on a yacht around the Maldivian islands, we stopped at one of the islands to have a look around.

As soon as they found out that I was a Chiropractic Doctor from Australia, the locals got so excited and wanted to welcome me. Even though it was a public holiday for them, and the hospital and everything else was closed, they managed to send a message via a young kid on his bike, to cycle from one end of the island to the other, to bring the message to the government officials, to welcome me.

By the time I arrived at their hospital, the red carpet was laid, the flowers were on the floor and the officials with their sirens were arriving to welcome the chiropractor onto the island. They had never had an Australian health practitioner of any kind on their island and the people were very excited.

They managed to open the hospital and welcome me with their traditional music, and dance and take me on a tour of their hospital facilities and pharmacy.

The rooms were very small. In fact the room where operations were conducted would have been a 3mx3m size room. Some of our average homes in Australia are actually bigger than their hospital.

If a female were to give birth, she would have to be transported via boat to the mainland to deliver her baby.

It made me realise just how lucky we are in regards to our health system. People in Australia may not realise just how lucky we are to have the services of various health practitioners in the palm of our hands. Yet some don’t even take advantage of what they have and utilise the relevant professionals.


A beautiful setting in the Maldives

On the other hand, I felt that we are not privileged at all. Here is why:

  • I was on a yacht traveling the Maldivian shores.
  • The workers on the yacht would fish daily and that’s what we had for our dinner.
  • The fish was so fresh and tasty, as were the vegetables and salads and fruit we would consume daily.
  • No artificial colours or preservatives. No sugar. No fats. No packaged or processed foods. No chemicals or herbicides or pesticides.
  • Natural sun, clean air and the sea breeze – the ocean and horizon at an arms length. The snorkelling was amazing, with a whole different world beneath us.

To only catch fish to eat on that day, with minimal wastage, and honouring the planet and its creatures, is something that unfortunately we do not comprehend, as a western society.


A boat tour

Imagine if they had the medical facilities and the homes that we had, with the grace and honour they already have for our sea life, food and planet?

I never felt healthier or happier than being on that yacht. I have found some pictures of the beauty of that yacht which I had the privilege to sail on. If you ever get the opportunity to experience it, please do so.


Sailing on a yacht

Put it on your bucket list.

And lets be grateful for what we have, and explore and honour what we don’t have. I know that the healthy lifestyle is what I strive for, and will continue to strive for, til the day I die.



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