Will a Chiropractor Help My Pain go Away

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Hi everyone, Dr. Rosemarie Jabbour from New World Chiro.

What I would like to address today is very common questions that people ask when they come into the clinic.

What they ask me is very varied. The most common question is:

“Can you fix my problem and will my pain go away?”

Now it actually depends on the cause of the problem and that’s what we try to ascertain in the clinic.

If the cause of your problem is subluxation based – misalignments of the spine – and it is a chiropractic case then of course I may help you with that. Chiropractors can help you with that.

If the cause is from other issues, maybe a tumour, maybe, other bio-chemical factors, then we can refer out to the relevant practitioners to help you with that.

Here are some key considerations:

  • If it is chiropractic based, and if it is due to subluxations (misalignments and imbalances) which are putting pressure on your nervous system and causing that type of pain, then we will determine that from a set of x-rays, a full chiropractic and neurological and orthopaedic examination to see what’s going on.
  • I do a full postural assessment to have a look at your weight distribution to see what is going on with the balance of your spine and in your body.
  • Then, if indicated, do a neurological or a nerve scan, and that tells us how much pressure there is on your nervous system, what’s happening with the muscles and muscle activity in the body and therefore if that may be coming from the spine and nervous system.
  • Then we can set up a plan of attack in order to help you correct the problem or get rid of your pain depending on what your health goals are.

I’m also a health coach for you. I would like you to achieve your health goals, whatever those health goals are, depending on my ability to correct it, and your want to have that problem corrected.

So, hopefully I have addressed the answer to that question. It depends on the level of degeneration that you’re at, and whether it can be corrected or not.

Hopefully I will see you in the clinic soon and we can see whether I can help you with your health concerns.

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Dr. Rosemarie Jabbour (Chiropractor) is the owner and chiropractor at New World Chiro, Parramatta. Rosemarie is an experienced and highly professional healthcare practitioner with over 25+ years experience in caring for the local community. Rosemarie was also one of the chiropractors for the Sydney 2000 Olympic games. With a keen interest in spinal health, neuroscience and sports fitness, Rosemarie is a natural health champion and advocate.

In addition to running New World Chiro, Rosemarie runs corporate health and wellness training programs, chiropractic assistant training, and networks within a variety of local business networks.


- B.Sc.(Biol.Sc.)
- B.App Sc (Clin.Sc)
- B.C.Sc.
- The International Chiropractic Sports Science Diploma 1997
- Graduate Certificate in Sports Chiropractic in 1998

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